Reserve your TodlrChair! We need your help to get 20 Reservations so we can begin production!

(The Final TodlrChair you will receive will have a custom molded Food-safe Plastic Tray that matches the molded plastic seat)

Heya Kiddos & Caretakers!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!!

As a Grassroots Small Business; In order to make sure we will have enough orders to get up and running, we need to make sure we have at least 20 TodlrChair Adult Highchair Customer reservations before we accept payment. (This is so we can be sure we will have enough money to lease our shop, buy all the materials & ship out all of our orders.)

So in order to launch, and start producing awesome ABDL Lifestyle products for you, we need your help to get 20 reservations!

No money required to place your reservation! Once we have 20 reservations, you will be able to officially place your order and complete payment, and we will begin manufacturing & ship you your new TodlrChair!

World-Wide Shipping is Available!

The TodlrChair will be priced at $1200 USD + Colorado State Tax & Shipping.

Flat Shipping to Continental USA $300

Please contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia or any orders outside of the continental USA.

Please email us for shipping rates or any questions at

We need your help to get 20 orders, in order to start production & launch the webstore!

We will begin production no later then 60 days maximum after payment is completed, and your order will be shipped no later then 100 days maximum after you complete payment. We anticipate getting the factory up and running in about 30-40 days or so, and we hope to have the 1st orders completed and shipping out after about 45 days. But in case of any unexpected challenges, we are allotting upto 60 days to get the factory running properly, and upto 100 days total to get all orders shipped initially. (Once we have TodlrFactory up and running after the initial 20 orders; we will be able to get orders out a lot faster.)


How do I Reserve my TodlrChair?

It's Simple! Please send us an email to:

With the following information:

Your Name: ___________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________

TodlrChair Seat & Tray Color: __________________

[ Green     Orange     Blue     Pink     Purple ]

Your Country & State/Province: __________________________

Your Nickname: __________________________

(So we can announce your order on Twitter/ Please keep your nickname kiddo friendly/PG! eg. "CrinkleButtCody from British Columbia, Canada just reserved TodlrChair SN00001"


Please be able & ready to place your order after you reserve your TodlrChair. You will receive a confirmation email with your TodlrChair Serial Number once you have sent your reservation email.

No payment is required to reserve your TodlrChair!

By placing your reservation, you agree to place your order on & complete payment within 10 business days once we have achieved 20 reservations.

Current TodlrChair Reservations & Availability:

TodlrChair SN00001 - Reserved by JJ in NJ, USA

TodlrChair SN00002 - Reserved by Violetwolf in WI, USA

TodlrChair SN00003 - Reserved by Spazz in GA, USA

TodlrChair SN00004 - Available

TodlrChair SN00005 - Available

TodlrChair SN00006 - Available

TodlrChair SN00007 - Available

TodlrChair SN00008 - Available

TodlrChair SN00009 - Available

TodlrChair SN00010 - Available

TodlrChair SN00011 - Available

TodlrChair SN00012 - Available

TodlrChair SN00013 - Available

TodlrChair SN00014 - Available

TodlrChair SN00015 - Available

TodlrChair SN00016 - Available

TodlrChair SN00017 - Available

TodlrChair SN00018 - Available

TodlrChair SN00019 - Available

TodlrChair SN00020 - Available


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