Todlr Factory is looking for a New Home...

Hia Everyone!

We hope you all are doing great!

After a bunch of discussions here in the current (basement offices/manufacturing facility/headquarters) for Todlr Factory LLC, we have decided that it is time to search for a new home for Todlr Factory, so we can expand & bring you lots of exciting new products!

But, in order to do that; we need to find a new home; and that means more than just a leasing a warehouse… (Not to mention; we have found out firsthand that most leasing agencies are not too fond of accepting applications from a startup company that makes Little Lifestyle products). And we are still a small, low budget company; so we have a limited budget… But yea; we are exploring our options. We have nearly all the machinery & equipment we need to start manufacturing cool stuff like our TodlrChair Highchairs, and lots of other great Little Lifestyle Products; but we just don’t have a facility to keep them in & run them & to store the lumber in, and that’s the big issue.

So yea; in a nutshell, we are exploring options & wondering if there may be any littles or ABDL friendly folks out there that may have something like a house, or possibly rooms for rent & barn or shop that we may be able to lease for an affordable rate? Or something like that… We are open to exploring options! Things just are not working out as planned in our current situation.

Stuff we are looking for:

  • Ideally Around 1000+sqft of clean climate controlled, electricity access, warehouse/shop/barn for running woodshop/metal shop for making Little Lifestyle Products for Todlr Factory LLC. We will be using dust collection equipment, & work to keep it clean. Will be running Woodshop Equipment/ Sewing Machines/ Storage/ CNC/ Etc.
  • Ideally needs to have UPS/USPS/FedEx/Amazon Deliverable Address for receiving supplies. (We will use a Postal Box Address from the local town for our company address) And ideally needs to have access to fast internet we can share or rent.
  • Small House for Rent or 1-2 rooms for rent possibly in an ABDL/Little/LGBTQ+  friendly, safe house.
  • Needs to be fairly close to a local town with groceries, lumber yard/hardware store, post office/ups store, medical cannabis dispensary (one of our staff uses medical cannabis outdoors only as part of his medical prescribed treatment therapy). And ideally not too far away from a hospital/medical facility.
  • And as far as where; we are very open-minded to the idea of possibly moving out of Colorado; don’t get me wrong, we love Colorado; but crime is getting pretty bad in the city, and yea we are open-minded! We are both very outdoorsy, so if there are nearby mountains to climb, explore & rock-hound; we will be happy!

And as I mentioned, we do have a limited budget; so we are not looking for anything very fancy. We will be able to pay rent; but if it’s possible to work something out potentially where we pay a little less in the beginning & a little more once were making more money that would be awesome! But anything is worth discussing!

We may also be open to the idea of renting a place with a shop/barn with another little maker couple if there is anyone interested, as kind of a LittleSpace/ABDL Makers House & Shop.

There are 2 of us, and we do have a well behaved dog too. (No Criminal History, Good Rental History, Responsible & Respectful guys)

We are looking to move in around July/August 2024.

Anyhow, if you have a house or some rooms for rent & a place where we could run Todlr Factory that we could also rent, please message us & let’s chat!