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GEN 3 Todlr Factory Premium Adult Standard Classic Pacifier PaciGag Ageplay ABDL Little - "PAUSE BUTTON"

GEN 3 Todlr Factory Premium Adult Standard Classic Pacifier PaciGag Ageplay ABDL Little - "PAUSE BUTTON"

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Please let me introduce you to the all-new Generation 3 LTTL Life by Todlr Factory PaciGag! Constructed from the highest quality materials, with durable all metal hardware, our PaciGags are built to last & to stand up to the wiliest kiddos! Your new PaciGag is sure to become yours & your CG’s new favorite Little Lifestyle Accessory!

(While the photo may show our Gen 2.3 PaciGag; you will receive a Gen3 PaciGag! We are working to update all the photos of individual Gen3 PaciGags, but we have a lot of models & are a small business, so please bare with us)

Please be sure to measure your Little to determine their proper PaciGag Size before placing your order! To find your Little’s PaciGag size, use a cloth or clothing tape measure to measure from your Little’s Pacifier, under the ear, around the back of their neck, under the other ear, and then back to the beginning of the measuring tape on the pacifier. This should be a number around 18in-24in (45-60cm).

SMALL [18-20IN/45-50CM]

MEDIUM [20-22IN/50-55CM]

LARGE [22-24IN/55-60CM]

Our PaciGags are handmade to order by our staff of Littles in our Colorado Springs, Colorado Factory, and discreetly shipped directly to you! Shortly after placing your order, you will receive a parcel wrapped in a plain white polybag. Once opened, inside you will find an awesome collectible PaciGag gift box. Open that up to find, wrapped in tissue paper your PaciGag & User Manual, Classic Todlr Factory Pacifier, Velvet LTTL Life PaciGag Storage Bag, Velvet LTTL Life Pacifier Storage Bag, Optional Hair Protector (For Kiddos with long hair, or if you need a little extra padding), & a Special Surprise!

World-Wide shipping is available to most countries! Wholesale pricing is available for bulk store orders; please contact us directly if you would like to stock Todlr Factory PaciGags in your retail store! Thank you for your support!

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