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Todlr Factory Junior Trainer PaciGag Adult Pacifier Gag ABDL Little Ageplay Pokémon Inspired Cosplay Adjustable Heavy Duty Paci USA Made

Todlr Factory Junior Trainer PaciGag Adult Pacifier Gag ABDL Little Ageplay Pokémon Inspired Cosplay Adjustable Heavy Duty Paci USA Made

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You have stumbled across our All New Limited Edition Pokémon Inspired "Junior Trainer" PaciGag.

Perfect for your little Junior Pokémon Trainer!!!

Our PaciGag is a premium Adult Pacifier Gag (or Pacifier Strap) is made right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by our staff of highly skilled & passionate Littles! Our small company, Todlr Factory LLC is entirely run & owned by Littles, for Littles! It’s our mission to make your Little dreams come true!

So you are checking out our PaciGags! Please allow me to tell you a little about them!

Our PaciGag (or Pacifier Strap) is designed to keep an adult’s pacifier in place, preventing removal. When properly fitted, your Little should be able to fully breathe, but when attempting to speak; words sound garbled, like baby-talk! We do not suggest sleeping with PaciGag in place.

Because every Little, is a Little different, we have found that in order to get the best fit; we are now offering the PaciGag in 3 adjustable sizes! In order to find your Little’s PaciGag size, using a cloth or clothing tape measure; please measure from your Little’s Pacifier; under the ear, around the back of the neck, under the other ear, and then back to the beginning of the measuring tape on the pacifier. This should be a number around 18in-24in (45-60cm). Please use the following chart to find your Little’s perfect PaciGag size!

SMALL [18-20IN/45-50CM]

MEDIUM [20-22IN/50-55CM]

LARGE [22-24IN/55-60CM]

(If your Little one has a size Smaller then 18in/45cm or bigger then 24in/60cm; please contact us for special sizing)

All of our PaciGags are made in the USA from premium US & Global materials. The Pacifier Plate is milled from Aircraft-Grade .125in Aluminum Stock, perfectly milled into shape & hydraulically shaped to fit your face & pacifier contours. Then we professionally, using a non-toxic food safe formula; we powder coat the Paci-Plate with a durable, bright colored coating. The straps are made from premium polypropylene synthetic woven straps, with premium Aluminum All-Metal Hardware. Also included is a matching Hair-Protector for the buckle to protect Littles with long hair.

Your PaciGag is hand-made to order, and then carefully packaged up, and placed into a premium gift box with all of the included accessories, premium vinyl decal, & tissue paper. And finally your PaciGag giftbox is carefully placed into a plain-looking, recycled grey plastic shipping polybag & labeled with your priority mail shipping label! You will receive your PaciGag a few days later at your door-step in a private, non-descript package!

Package Includes:

Premium PaciGag

Size 6 Standard Adult Pacifier

Hair Protector

Vinyl Decal

Gift-box with Tissue Paper

Free Discreet Priority Mail Expedited Shipping in Domestic USA

When you support Todlr Factory, you are supporting an all Little/ABDL/LGBTQ+ Run & Owned Small Business!

Thank you for your business!

YOU are our SUPERHERO!!!

Check back soon for lots of new, never before seen Little Lifestyle & Ageplay Products! Our Mission is to make Your Little Dreams come True!!!
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